Fleet divisions

With the boats lasting so well 30 year old vessels are still sound, but changes in hull shape and materials result in the newer boats being quicker in most conditions. To facilitate level competition the fleet races and awards in three categories, Open boats, Silver boats and Classic boats. A total of nearly 4000 Flying Fifteens have now been registered and most of these boats are still competitive and racing. You can view the register of all Flying Fifteen boats.

Boats newer than sail number 3342 race as open boats, these newer boats share similar hull shapes and performance characteristics.

Boats from sail numbers 2701 to 3342 race as Silver boats. With hull shapes considerably optimised from the earlier Classic boats these vessels are easier to sail, and in flat water conditions can hold their own with the Open boats. In 2011 a Silver boat won the Australian National Championships sailed on Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra.

A dedicated band of followers lovingly maintain and race these older boats. Closer to Uffa Fox’s original intention the Classics enjoy close competition with similar boats, and some of these vessels would rival a grand piano for good looks!