Good opening day for Australia at the Worlds

A fleet of 57 boats lined up for day 1 of the 21st Flying Fifteen World Championship being held in Napier, New Zealand.  It was a grey day with light, oscillating breeze that made for fair sailing.  A great day for the Australians with FFIWA President and Secretary David Yu and Chris Nelson securing a third and first to lead the regatta at the close of day one.

Matthew Owen and Andrew Reed were also steady to finish the day in second place with a second and a fourth and Janet and Nick Jerwood close behind in fourth with a fifth and second.

Johnny Fullerton has more of the story here.

Provisional Results (Top six of 57 entries, after two races)

1 AUS 3859 David Yu / Chris Nelson – 3,1 – 4pts
2 AUS 3684 Matthew Owen / Andrew Reed – 2,4 = 6pts
3 NZL 3091 Hayden Percy / Scott Pedersen – 1,6 = 7pts
4 AUS 3986 Nick Jerwood / Janet Jerwood – 5,2 – 7pts
5 GBR 3760 Jeremy Davy / Martin Huett – 9,5 = 14pts
6 GBR 4005 David McKee / Mal Hartland – 7,10 = 17pts

Image © Jonny Fullerton



News from New Zealand

Australia has sent a good contingent of 22 boats to the 21st Flying 15 World Championship being hosted by Napier Sailing Club. FFIWA is very well represented with 14 of those boats coming from Western Australia.

The Nationals have been completed and they can only have been described as testing.  Winds have been light throughout, never getting much above 8 knots and the conditions generally during the Nationals were very foreign to the Australian boats with swell large enough to obscure boats in the trough well beyond the sail numbers.  This leads to the peculiar sensation of the wind going out of the sails each time the boat goes down the back of the swell.  As the regatta progressed the swell has fortunately diminished.

The NZ Nationals were won by Matt Owen and Andrew Reed from Canberra, with Nick and Janet best placed of the West Australians.  Ashley Smith and Adam Kingston from Queensland (sailing for Hong Kong) NZ Nationalsled the regatta through the first couple of days but a tough day 3 saw them drop down the leader board.  Greg Tonnison and Andrew Jackson rounded out the top 10 for SoPYC.

For more detail see Jonny Fullerton’s story here.

Overall Results Open Fleet (top 10 of 55 entries, 7 races with 1 discard)

1 AUS 3684 Matthew Owen / Andrew Reed 4,1,6,6,5,(12),2 = 24pts
2 NZL 3739 Aaron Goodmanson / Alister Rowlands NZL 3,12,(17),3,4,4,12 = 38pts
3 GBR 4004 Charles Apthorp / Alan Green 5,10, (30), 1,12,8,4 = 40pts
4 GBR 4030 Greg Wells / Richard Rigg 8, (39),15,7,1,2,9 = 42pts
5 AUS 3986 Nick Jerwood / Janet Jerwood 6,16,8,2,2,(18),10 = 44pts
6 GBR 4005 David McKee / Mal Hartland 9,9,14,5,3,(22),5 = 45pts
7 GBR 3760 Jeremy Davy / Martin Huett (20),11,9,8,20,7,1 = 56pts
8 HKG 3972 Ashley Smith / Adam Kingston 1,5,1,4,10,36, (56/BFG = 57pts
9 GBR 4021 Steve Goacher / Tim Harper 12,6,16,16,9,(19),3 = 62pts
10 AUS 3743 Greg Tonnison / Andrew Jackson 11,13,2,13,23,5,(26) = 67pts

Image © Jonny Fullerton