AUS 3854 Relience ffenty ffoo (open)

AUS 3854 – Relience ffenty ffoo (open)

First registered & measured 4-12-05. Built of 10 mm core with combination woven glass fibre & carbon fibre to inside & outside skins of hull & deck. This gave a min. wt. laminate as per class rule.
Boat originally carried 20 kg. correctors , on reweigh 2009, correctors now 16 kg.
Under deck mast bend push-pull lever, Selden spars, spin pole self launching system, a big percentage of Harken fittings, buoyancy bags, hobbles fitted fore & aft, 2 Bax spinnakers, 1 as new Goacher spinnaker, 2 Bax mains, 2 Bax jibs, 1 as new Goacher jib, the older bax suite are very good club sails & the rest are well looked after racing sails.
Also has tack tick coursemaster compass – original price over $1000.
I will keep my compucourse card.
Before handing over to new owner, I will respray keel & give hull & rudder a cut & polish, also boat will be set up on a new standard Shand galvanised trailer to be registered in the new owners name. This trailer has a mesh stone guard, keel tie down clamp & lockable pvc tube to carry sails, also has spare wheel, alum painted wheels & new balanced radial tyres.
Located Lindenow, Vic
Price $26,500
Contact: Bill Shand
Phone: (03) 5157 1354